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Ah, hatred. Everybody loves hatred! :D

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I love how lobster is fighting off the girls who turned into ghouls(?)

FPS (Guest)

I wish I had a Fighting beard that changes colors

Agen (Guest)

*casts a type of spell to cause Poe to get hungry*


Everyone knows those things are hyper-durable.

dorcus (Guest)

So, ghoul floozies, vampire bartender with bound&gagged female victim/former bartender, and lightning-resistant cockroach.

Well I guess that last one is fairly normal. Friggin' cockroaches.

jayelle87 (Guest)

Yes! It's only taken me... a while, but I've finally gone through the entire archive! ^-^ Just gotta say, I loved each and every one of these, they're hilarious. They are just ADORABLE, and the storyline is awesome. Keep up the great work!


Night On The Prowl Poem 3
ZAP!! Goes the roach
Oh wait... he missed

Now it's Lobster's time to shine with crazy magic trickery
Oh wow!! He grew a beard
What is this wizardry??
Anyway, back to Poe
Who's sneaking up on the down low
Trying it's best the roach leaps to a crack
Poe aims for it, concentrating and targeting is what he lacked
Poe zaps it with all he's got
But alas, (Miraculously) it got away
Poe wishing it would rot..

The first part at the top is part of the poem, but it didn't quite fit right.. soooo I separated it from the rest

Wolfiy (Guest)

Poe use long claws!
Poe,if you use long claws, you can kill it quicker. Either that or zap it with cold beams! That'll slow it down

Cardias (Guest)

Gigantoroach >.< Oh, sick. Poe shoulda killed him.


@Cartias: What do you think Poe's been trying to do, albeit with little success.