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NtKGar, 09 Jan 2011 07:59 pm

Previously on Slinky McMoustache: Attorney at Law: The Series! So continuing with the irregular update schedule of the last couple of weeks, Neko the Kitty Comics is going to be updating twice a day until Friday this week.

It's all single panels, and this is happening because we wanted to do a 'Previously' sequence and thought single images was the best way of timing it.

NtKGar, 10 Jan 2011 08:43 am

Nine excuses. Two updates a day for five days is ten updates. They'd be using the internet another seven times anyway, but then there's two more updates.

Although as far as I can tell, the way a lot of people read Neko the Kitty Comics is to leave it in their bookmarks and check it every month or two so there's a chunk of story to catch up on. So those people have an excuse to go on the internet once. This week should work well in the archive though. People clicking through will have these ten quick-hit comics, so in theory the pacing of that should work with the 'Previously...' format.

And for those of you that like comics that run like clockwork, panels this week are going up at twelve-hour intervals- 6AM and 6PM GMT

User's Comments:

NtKGar, 10 Jan 2011 11:15 am

Skills for kills, agent.

Enochia, 10 Jan 2011 02:26 pm

. . .wow, it's like reading a tennis match! Yay for more Neko tho!

Deathbiscuit, 10 Jan 2011 06:04 pm

Your Mom's like reading a tennis match!!

Enochia, 10 Jan 2011 09:33 pm

Touché O.o

Kyphis (Guest), 13 Sep 2011 01:15 am

Bummy?? I get the feeling he isn't in this one...

loradam (Guest), 24 Mar 2012 05:52 pm

WHAT? ii can barely follow this comic anymore