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2017 was a bit of a shitshow both personally and all over the news and my heart kind of went out of making comics. I drew this as a card for some friends ahead of going to their New Year’s Eve party yesterday (shitshow comment aside, I know some wonderful people and do have my share of fond memories from the year gone).

Anyway, I coloured it with pencil, and it looks great in person but scanned like shit. I put it up on Patreon as a sketch and re-did it digitally today just for you.

I lose my comics mojo every couple of years. It tends to come back on its own after a while, but I never know how long that while is going to be. I can force it, but it kind of results in shitty comics.

So I’m taking a break to read and play video games and absorb input. I tend to make little comics as a by-product of existing so once that comes back I’m back in action.