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OK, we’re catching up on the buffer so the daily updates are going to have to end soon. This was originally drawn as a mini comic for Free Comic Book Day and was the point where I decided to reboot the series. The Deep Archive is still in the past, but 2017 seems to be a year for new beginnings (amongst other things) so that’s where we’re leaving it.

Ed Skrein is in the news today for quite a cool reason. He was Francis in the Deadpool movie and was cast as Major Ben Daimio in the upcoming Hellboy film, and has quit the role for ethical reasons. Ben Daimio is clearly Asian in the comics, so Skrein is stepping down so the studio can cast a goddamn Asian actor. Of course, the evilest thing the studio could do at this point would be cast another white guy in the role, but we’re all watching the suits make the decision this time.

Which brings us around to the recently-released Death Note movie on Netflix, which actually lampshades its whitewashing (which has a hilariously right-wing slant in its current description on Wikipedia btw) by having Light say he’s just making the police THINK he’s Japanese.

Now I’m not overly familiar with Death Note. I’ve seen the first few episodes of the anime and have seen a couple of pages of the comic from, you know, existing online, I know the basic story but not how it plays out to its end. The Death Note movie is, as far as I can tell, pretty much a summary for those of us who can’t commit to a long and intricately-plotted manga. In this version, Light is Gifted-But-Disillusioned-White-American-Teen-#363

Here he is meeting Ryuk for the first time

And here’s an English dub of where that happens in the anime

See the difference?

It’s actually kind of a fun movie. It would have been better as a miniseries, the plot feels very rushed but White American Teen #363 is a likable enough iteration of that character, even if that character isn’t remotely what Light is like in the original.

They got Ryuk right. The visual effects crew did a brilliant job of bringing him to life, and their starting point was Willem Defoe. He’s spooky, he’s menacing, he seems to be having fun. Big gold star on Ryuk, even though it is technically a white guy playing an asian character, which is where we came in.

It’s almost a fanfic: what would happen if the Death Note was dropped on Light Turner, pretty much the Pie Fucker from American Pie, instead of Light Yamagi, basically Moriarty.

If you’re a fan it’ll piss you right off, but it’s enjoyable enough to make me want to go back to the anime. Three out of Five, deduct according to how much the above description pisses you off.