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And we’re back. Sorry for the break, we had to move (landlady wanted to move back into her apartment) and you might not know this about your mid-30s but you have acquired INFINITE STUFF. Granted we only had one (admittedly quite big) car to move everything, but it literally took a week to empty the old apartment into the new one across town. We’re currently in the process of tetrising everything we didn’t throw out (and we threw out a LOT) into the new place, but that’s a somewhat less urgent process.

Anyway, we’ve got a work area cleared for me and my computer desk set up now. Had a bit of trouble with the computer actually, and it was ultimately the skills I learned back in my NES days that resolved it. My computer was turning on fine but wasn’t connecting to the internet. I’m using an internal wifi card with an antenna on a wire that screws into it. Never had a problem with it before, but it just wasn’t working after the move even after we got the router and everything reconnected.

So I’ve got internet on my phone and I’m looking up various fixes. Drivers shouldn’t be an issue, but diagnostic utilities aren’t detecting the wireless card at all and it looks like I’m just going to have to set my computer up nearer the router and learn to live with that somewhat awkward living room arrangement. Before that, however, I decide to open up my computer case, take out the wireless card, blow on it, and put it back.


I don’t know why it worked, and I’m pretty sure I don’t care. I got to prove my Dad wrong by using a life skill I learned from Nintendo and I’ve got my porn back Neko the Kitty is back online!