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OK, erratic updating continues but I remain alive. I’m now in Bermuda with Paige and we’re currently staying in a nice little guest cottage and organizing our move to the actual apartment we’ll be staying in for the duration. We’ve picked out a place that’s spacious and well within our budget, but the problem is it’s unfurnished. The kitchen is kitted out so we don’t need to get an oven or a fridge or a washing machine, but we need a TV and a couch and a bed, plus a proper desk I can set my computer up at.

I’ve currently got my Wacom set up on one of those little tray tables with the fold out legs on top of quite a small two-person dining table. It’s a little higher up and further away than I’m used to, and while I kind of like having it up high like this I can’t really move my chair closer so it’s kind of a pain to work at.

Anyway, Bermuda is beautiful, not quite as expensive as we had feared, and the cats are settling in nicely. They don’t have the same cat food here that we used to get them back in Ireland, but they like Fancy Feast. Trout is the favourite. Also Aleister’s dermatitis seems to have cleared up, so something about the climate definitely agrees with him. He had a scabby itchy back in the old place that had to be treated with steroid injections, and doesn’t any more. Whatever was irritating his skin evidently isn’t an issue any more, or perhaps he’s just baking his butt sufficiently sitting in the window here.