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OK so Bermuda is happening. I’ve had my second round of travel vaccines and have submitted my application for garda vetting, I have to get personal references and work references together, and we need to sell a 131D Hyundai ix35 with the executive upgrade and a Decepticon hood ornament.

Aside from that we’ve been packing our stuff away, figuring out what to bring with us, what to leave in storage, and what to throw out or give away. We had a ‘Plunder Party’ on Saturday where we put out all the stuff we don’t want to bring or put in storage, but is still good, for our friends to take whatever they wanted. A couple of people got into the spirit of it and carted away big bags of stuff, most people only took a couple of things because they’re Irish and we’re like that.

We’re doing rolling plunder for the rest of the month as people come by, and then everything that hasn’t been claimed is going to the charity shop or the bin.

Still at a bit of a loss as to what I’m going to do while I’m there. Paige’s new job, even adjusted for the higher cost of living, brings us comfortably into the middle class, with a nice gender-swapped take on the traditional housewife/working husband dynamic, and in a tropical setting.

And we’re bringing the cats.

The island chain’s smaller than the GTA V map and everyone drives scooters. The speed limit’s 25 miles per hour and if you obey it you can travel from one end of Bermuda to the other in a little under an hour. Nobody obeys the speed limit. There are pink sand beaches and the shallows are regularly visited by sea turtles. If you’re going to have an adventure without knowing what’s in store, there are worse places.