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OK, managed to cap that off at three pages and banish it to academia. I don’t normally put the byline inside the comic frames like that but it seemed appropriate on this page.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Neko the Kitty and the way I’ve been weaving between the adventure story and the domestic story, and it occurs to me that they’re two completely separate comics which have occasional crossover episodes and it would make far more sense to present them as such.

Paige has been presented with an opportunity that’s far too good to pass up, but it involves relocating to Bermuda. I’m entitled to live there with her as her partner, and the salary’s better than our combined income over here even factoring in the higher cost of living over there, but my arts and marketing qualifications won’t count for much out there in terms of finding work.

Which is why I’m looking to Patreon and the degrees’ inherent value on the near horizon.

So the ambition is to continue Neko the Kitty as a cat-on-the-couch strip. I live with three cats and a cat lady, there’s a deep well of source material there, and I’m leaning back towards “daily strip” format. Making it actually be daily can be a stretch goal πŸ™‚

I also want to solve the mystery of the monochrome island with Keno and the gang, and that’s a graphic novel.

There’s a big investment of time required to do both, and I’ve been presented the opportunity to take it. If it’s earning money that’d really make my Dad feel a lot better about the whole thing. He’s been issuing dire fatherly warnings about leaving Ireland, which I know are the real worries of a loving parent and are very heartfelt and cutting.

I’ve never lived outside of Ireland before. Paige has her job to go to and we’ll be comfortably if not fabulously well-to-do, but I’m trusting that to her and it’s a giant leap into the unknown for me. Of COURSE I’m afraid of that, but I don’t think I’m wrong to be excited by it too.

Updates are going to be spotty for the next little while as we pack up and get ready to move, but come November I’ll be building up a buffer and releasing hostages at an ever-increasing rate as Patreon catches up πŸ˜€