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So I’ve been stalled on Neko the Kitty a bit lately, and I think I’ve got part of the “why” figured out. In my head, I’ve got this crazy sci-fi fantasy town that’s undergone a magical cataclysm. The mythos is pretty well built up in my head and I’ve got a fun mystery-solving team to explore it with Keno and Co. Tag in Poe (who’s pretty central to the whole thing) and an as-yet-unrevealed villain and there’s a rip-roaring postmodern adventure to be told.

And Neko doesn’t really have much of a part in it.

He can offer an interesting perspective on it, but Neko’s core concept is a human-ish intelligence applied to the housecat lifestyle. While he likes wandering around sniffing things, indulging in high adventure when he can just lie about having done so is kind of out of character. He’s a jerkass cat. An unusually literate one with a powerful imagination, but still true-to-cat.

Trying to run the adventures of Keno and the non-adventures of Neko in the same slot has had me grinding my gears a bit, and I’ve been busy with an upcoming major lifestyle change I don’t want to talk about too much on here just yet, but long story short I think I’m going to have to write out the script for the adventure story in full before I can crack on with it, and it’s going to be its own book. Neko’s going back to short-form and will be on irregular updates for the next couple of months while I’ve a lot of shit to do at home.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram! For quite a while now I’ve been drawing little one-panel gags on sticky notes at work and taking them home to show Paige, and she finally succeeded in encouraging me to start sharing them online again. The current crop is a selection of my favourites from the old Yellow Sticky site, and I have a lot more scanned and a big pile that I still have to scan in. They don’t all get scanned, my editorial process is to leave them a couple of weeks and if they’re still funny they make the cut. I’m calling them GarToons (well, gar_toons because “gartoons” was taken) take a look