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And here’s the next page, delivered within the promised time frame of “late” 😀

So I had part of this drawn on regular paper and inked with pen, and then I sort of stalled. I found a lunchbox full of my old doodles and I’ve been putting them up on Instagram, but I was stuck on this page. Then one of the cartoonists I follow was waxing lyrical about this one brush she really likes in Clip Studio Paint, and she directed me to where there’s a set of 600 brushes for $15

I figure that’s a good use of some of my Patreon money, and away I go.

So the brush Canby recommended is called Ensabler is very nice, very responsive to pressure but in quite an intuitive way. I redid the character art with that, and then there’s a brush called “That One Brush” which I used for the fire. There’s also a brush that draws tentacles, which I’m sure will come in handy somewhere.