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So this is an homage to the Cave of Wonders from Disney’s Aladdin

I was 10 when Aladdin came out and it’s probably my favourite Disney movie of that era. I liked Sebastian in The Little Mermaid and had terrific nightmares from The Black Cauldron, but I liked the songs and magic and Robin Williams as the Genie. I liked the relationship between Jafar and Iago, and Jasmine’s the sexiest Disney Princess and that was just starting to become important to me.

I always wondered about the Cave of Wonders though.

What the hell is it? Is it alive? It can talk but can it think? Is it a golem guarding the lamp or a creature with its own will and intentions? Is the rigamarole about the diamond in the rough scripted or pre-recorded? It reacts as if angry to Abu touching the treasure, which means however it senses the treasure has been touched it can’t distinguish between the man it’s supposed to be judging and the comic relief monkey. Is this an automated system?

My theory is it’s an avatar of the sleeping genie. A dream to keep him safe until a worthy master finds the lamp. I’m basing this on the fact that it’s a nice idea, I don’t know the mythology well enough to back this up with anything, so hedge folklorists here’s your chance to shine.

Asher’s a whole different story, which is bad form to tell in the blog.