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Oh gosh I’m very late uploading this so I’m just going to go ahead and give you the whole page. Getting a bit scatterbrained with the updating is usually a symptom of my anxiety acting up, however I’ve also just started a new job so it could just be that I want to come home, take my shoes off, and watch Voltron with Paige and/or the cats, and this is a perfectly normal thing for an adult human to want to do.

I’m still drawing the comics, it’s just that uploading it is the most boring part of the whole process. Got a nice Aladdin homage coming up with Keno, which also works better as a full page so Onward to Lateness!

I’m late to the Voltron party, I’d watched the first five episodes and moved on to something else ages ago, but it’s been all over Twitter since season 6 came out so we picked it up the other day and are now onto episode 5 of season 2.

Pidge is my favourite, she just had a story where a bunch of curious fluffy space puffballs watched her build a satellite beacon out of bits of ruined spaceships when her lion got pulled out of a wormhole and crashed into their asteroid. It was just a nice fluffy adventure, I like plucky-young-go-getter-solves-a-puzzle as a story, and it tied into a great little Oh No Sci Fi Is Happening time loop story back on the castle ship (because why travel by wormhole if you’re not going to encounter temporal anomalies, right?)

Anyway, I’m digging it and am going to go watch a couple more episodes before bed, hope you enjoyed this page!