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Good thing it’s a bank holiday weekend, I ended up spending most of Saturday vomiting and sleeping. It wasn’t a planned thing, I went out to the cinema on Friday and the dreaded General Public must have infected me with something. Anyway I’m still left with a regular-sized weekend.

Paige has been enjoying Pokemon Quest. I played it until it wouldn’t let me play any more, which was a solid couple of hours which I rather enjoyed, but I’m still enjoying Skyrim too much to be sucked into it.

Not so with Paige, who makes me glad it’s one of those games that has a built-in timer where you have to stop playing or pay money after a while. It’s basically a passive clicker, you have up to three Pokemon and send them out on levels to beat up other pokemon and collect loot. They move and attack automatically and you can either tell them when to use their special attacks or leave that on automatic too because your party power level is higher enough than the expedition level that you don’t have to worry about it. Your guys level up and you can upgrade them with loot you collect in the expedition levels, and you also collect soup ingredients to try and attract new pokemon to your camp. Soup takes a certain number of expedition plays to cook, and when it’s done a new pokemon appears in your camp.

You have a battery limiting the number of levels you can play between charges, and it recharges on a timer or you can pay for it and that’s how they make their money. If you’ve the patience you can play it for free until you have all 151 pokemon and have seen every level on the island, the paid content adds more cooking pots to your camp and gives you a ton of the PM tickets you use to buy extra charges and stuff

It’s fun for free, I’m unlikely to pay for it but might end up getting Paige the paid content for Android when it comes out so I can get my Switch back. That was probably part of their marketing strategy all along.



Oh yeah, buy a t-shirt!