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OK, between starting the new job and the referendum I completely spaced on uploading the comic last week, so thanks for waiting. Less so if you’re coming through the archives and reading the comments long after the fact.

Are comments sections the long form of social media commentary now? Forums still exist but they don’t seem to be as active or engaging as they were in the early-to-mid 2000’s and I’m not entirely sure why that is.

I still get the occasional comment on the old site so it feels like there’s a bit more longevity in a comment than anything else, and Facebook is trying to fight it with the “memories” thing.

Anyway, hoooo boy that referendum. Landslide victory for the Yes campaign, and a bigger relief for me than I thought it would be, knowing I wouldn’t be bodily affected either way. I guess I underestimated just how much money the right-wing US groups were throwing into the campaign. The Yes campaign had an enormously successful Kickstarter funding campaign and a TON of volunteers, but there were SO MANY more No posters. I actually thought it was going to be close.

Do I believe in the rights of the unborn? I don’t know. Given the choice to erase myself from the timeline and never have existed, I’d probably take it. However I also know that’s classic depression but hey, it’s a meme for a reason. Also it’s qualitatively different to wanting to die, which I usually don’t, so, that’s where I am on that particular spectrum for those worrying and/or taking notes.

Running a quick imaginary Wonderful Life on myself, I can’t imagine any of the people I care about not finding loving fulfilling relationships in a world where I never existed, but saying so makes Paige sad (when she’s the specific person I’m thinking about when I say it) so let’s raise the stakes and say I want to exist.

My mother didn’t die right after I was born, it was years later, but I don’t have any memories of her that are actually mine. She’s effectively as much a stranger to me as I would have been to her. There would have been no guarantee she wouldn’t have died anyway if I had never been born, but if there had been, would I take that bargain? Being who I am now, with all my loves and memories? Knowing that all that I am would be undone and a different world would carry on without me regardless?

I don’t know. It’s not something I can consider from just my own perspective. I’m glad it’s an impossible hypothetical and not a choice I ever have to make.

I’m glad it’s not a choice we’re taking away from anyone any more.