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Wasn’t able to log in yesterday but it seems to have resolved itself.


Is everyone familiar with the Trolley Problem? It’s a hypothetical ethical dilemma (which is fun to say), Netflix’s The Good Place keeps coming back to it in various forms and, well, it keeps coming up.

You can phrase it different ways, but the classic example puts you in control of a lever, and you can switch the tracks. The trolley is hurtling down the track towards an intersection. On the track it’s going down, five people are stuck in a car and can’t get out in time to not die. You can switch it to the other track, but there’s one person with their foot caught in the rail who will definitely die if you switch to that track.

What is the ethically and morally correct thing to do? If you don’t pull the lever, more people will die, but it won’t be through your intervention. If you pull the lever, only one person will die, but you will have killed them.

This is phrased different ways, kill strangers to save a loved one or vice versa, if a doctor were to kill a healthy patient in order to transplant their organs into several patients who would otherwise die, that kind of thing. It’s pretty much the driving force behind Thanos in Infinity War.

And Ireland is having a referendum on it at the end of this month.

There’s an amendment to our constitution which gives rights to the unborn in such a way that fetuses have more rights than their mothers when it comes to healthcare. Women have died because doctors have been legally prevented from saving their lives if any risk at all is presented to the pregnancy. If the baby dies when the mother dies, the doctors did nothing to harm the baby.

So the problem is: Are people who might exist more important than people who do exist? I don’t believe they do, and my vote is going to reflect that.

I don’t think a fourteen year old should have to bear her rapist’s child, I don’t think women should be forced to give birth to babies they know will die within hours, or die themselves for the sake of those babies. No, these are not fictional examples.

Of course it’s also dumb not to allow abortion in a country which guarantees women the right to travel to the UK for the purpose of getting one, which stretches out and raises the price of an already harrowing ordeal, but doesn’t stop it happening.

I’m voting to repeal the 8th amendment because I see it doing more harm than good. Literally infinite hordes of people don’t come into existence every day. That some of them have made it to the coherent collection of cells stage doesn’t mean they get to ruin or end somebody else’s life. Someone who has a fully developed adult brain and mind, and deserves to choose where her priorities lie when it comes to her own body.