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I was ahead in the drawing but am not right now because I inserted this scene before the bit I had drawn! This character is only here for one scene, I wanted her surname to be “Driver” but wanted to avoid her first name being “Bus”. Paige suggested “Bess”. Anyway she’s 41 and she likes Steven King books, she’s characterised plenty.

I got around to seeing Infinity War over the weekend and I’m sure glad I managed to avoid spoilers until then. There’s a huge plot twist that’s going to become iconic but everybody doesn’t know about it yet so ssshhhhhh.

They actually handle the “That’s far too many characters” problem pretty well by just assuming we’ve seen the other films and making the whole thing about Thanos. He’s not some cackling maniac and he actually kind of has a point, but it’s monstrous and he knows it’s monstrous. It’s just he has the will to be a monster for what he sees as right and necessary. It’s actually a great performance so props to Josh Brolin and the VFX team for bringing the character to life.

The heroes side of things sees everyone split up into small groups who haven’t seen each other for a while or are just meeting now, so we get the two-line introduction/catch up and then everyone’s split up into three or four-person teams with their own objectives. Thanos has a set of four really quite formidable minibosses that keep the sub-teams busy for most of the movie until the big final battle. You could do each of the hero plots as discrete episodes and they’d take about half an hour each, but you’d miss out on all the neat transitions cutting between stories, and it’d feel longer.

It doesn’t feel like a long film. It’s around two and a half hours, so about as long as a Harry Potter movie, but the pacing is relentless. Much better film than Age of Ultron, probably better than Avengers Assemble but it’s been a while since I’ve watched that one.