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Strip number 69 and we’ve bailed on the prostitution subplot. I’ve never actually drawn a sex scene but can see how it would be a really interesting challenge in anatomy drawing. I understand that kind of content is popular on Patreon, but it’s quite a daunting challenge and there’s no demand for it so far.

Having typed it out it actually makes sense for this to be taking place in a vaguely porn-ish world, but I’m not that editorially brave or, to be honest, confident enough in my drawing skills.

Have you read Oglaf? It’s a collection of skits set in (probably) the same sword-and-sorcery fantasy type realm full of demons and wild magic, but it’s all about sex. It’s not porn it’s just a lot of this world’s problems are resolved genitally and they draw it. Anyway the art’s really clean and expressive and I love the humour in it. Here’s a recent SFW one (which are actually plentiful, it’s just dicks and boobies are the rule rather than the exception)