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A little trick I’m proud of with the colouring there. The animated panel where they’re licking the fourth wall doesn’t show the outside of the anomaly, so I got to sneak in the sunset to give a sense of time 🙂 This whole page is actually only five frames of animation, so it should load well even on slower connections.

That first frame is inspired by My Neighbour Totoro, which is one of my favourite films when I want to relax.

We’ve got someone new to thank on our Patreon page this week, and that always puts me in a good mood. I like the fan interactions, it feels good to know I’m building a base, brick by misguided brick. Retweets and shares always appreciated, thanks for reading.

And as always…


Actually ShadowKnight asked for a t-shirt of Neko slapping Keno and delivering a one-liner. I’m waiting on a letter from Spreadshirt with a code to verify my address so I can set up my store, but here’s the design

[UPDATE: The store is active now so click the image to go buy this design on a t-shirt or mug or what have you]