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So I was reading back over some of my stuff on the old site and realised I kind of liked the three-panel layout. It’s a little more comfortable to click next than it is to move your eyes down, so we’re going back to that.

Also a little exercise in branding for the cartoonists in our audience, we’re adding a title card at the top of each comic. This is something I go back and forth on, but I just really like that font. It’s called “Unkempt” by Font Diner, they’ve a bunch of really nice free fonts.

The title’s in the banner, but most people don’t see the banner even though it’s right there, it’s one of those brain things. We ignore frames and look for what’s inside them. Putting the title over each strip just about skids in over that consciousness barrier, it’s unobtrusive and people can crop it if they want to be assholes about it, but it builds the brand and shows up when it’s shared.

Speaking of which