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Something I read in a comments thread a while back has stuck with me. I think it was a criticism of The Last Jedi where the original commenter felt some of the social issues raised were a little on the nose, and someone shot back that ‘on the nose’ has always been the sweet spot as far as social commentary in Star Wars has been concerned.

There’s a certain nihilistic trend of thought in my generation. The world our parents promised us was cut away at the knees, we’re making tremendous sacrifices just to live in the cities where the jobs are and a lot of us feel forgotten. Our belief in what our lives were going to be has failed, and we have to create a new image of ourselves. We expected to own our own homes in our thirties and don’t know what it is to live without that expectation.

But we grew up on Star Wars. We grew up on a ragtag army of rebels taking on a monolithic empire with the same basic strategy of “destroy their biggest weapon, run away, regroup, repeat” and they’ve always been wildly idealistic and way too good at everything they do. I like that our new heroes are a literal nobody and a runaway cultist slave. Luke Han and Leia all had something at the start, so that sinking baseline is representative of the decay in expectations between generations I’m talking about.

Addressing a philosophy directly is a perfectly cromulent way to get from plot point to plot point 😛