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Oh hey it’s Tuesday again, how did that happen?

Had a nice five-day weekend with Paige this week thanks to Storm Emma, the Beast from the East. Sounds like she should be fighting Rocky but no it was a blizzard.

Ireland doesn’t really get much snow usually, our winters are long but not usually cold enough for snow to build up. We might get a half an inch a couple of times in February but that’s not every year, and the last time it snowed properly (as in, in such a way as to stay on the ground for more than a few hours) was 2010 when a volcano in Iceland coughed up a load of ash into the atmosphere.

Storm Emma dropped about 8 or 9 inches over Dublin and around that over the rest of the island. For countries that are used to snow that might not sound like a lot, but we don’t have the infrastructure for it here and the whole country shut down for three days. All the shops being sold out of bread became a meme.

Paige and I went out to the on the first day and it went up past my boots. Nobody was driving, but it wasn’t too hard to walk in, and a huge amount of plastic sledges had turned up from somewhere so all the kids were out sliding down the hill and doing wholesome snow-related things. Paige and I watched them for a while, threw a couple of snowballs at each other, then went and got a nice hot chocolate and a scone because the cafe was open. It was snowing the first night she came over to my place back in 2010 so snow is special to us, we mostly watched movies and cuddled up on the couch.

It’s been raining on and off for the last couple of days so the snow is almost all melted now, there are only the big piles and the remains of the sturdiest snowmen left. The big igloo some people built out front of our apartment building is down to an outline, and Paige is back to work.