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I’m getting all sentimental as I get older. My Mum died when she was 34 and I’m 36 now so it makes one look back at their life through a certain lens. Delia was my grandmother’s name. I’m reticent to get more personal because I love you internet, but I do want to talk to some of the actual people in you and want to retain some mystique.

I actually have a page after this one which I’m not sure about posting. I wrote it for Valentine’s Day and I quite like it, but it breaks the pacing between this page and the one after it. I actually put it up on Patreon in time for Valentine’s, but looking at it I think it’s a DVD extra. We’re vaguely pursuing the Top Web Comics thing, so I’ll put it up as a vote incentive and you can see what you think

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I’m actually getting a little bummed out about the lack of comments from the readers. Talking to people was always one of the best bits of doing comics online, and 47 pages in it’s something I miss. The notifications are very gratifying and I want my brain candy, it helps me not be sad.

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