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We’ll be getting back to Keno, Aya, and Murphy later, Neko’s going to go scam processed cheese of the potheads in the park.

One of my favourite things about writing cats is that they’re free of so much of the social pressure I have to deal with as a human. Saying no and walking away is one of those things I’ve never been particularly good at. It’s never really gotten me in trouble with the law, but it’s cost me money and I once fractured a bone in my arm because I didn’t want to be the only one on the school trip who didn’t jump off a particular rock.

Power fantasies in comics typically involve muscles or money, but strength is also little moments of Will and self-determination. Neko could have said Yes and there would have been a different story here. Keno could have insisted, but didn’t. There’s no real reason for Aya to be speaking in haiku, she just likes to do it.

Neko is not a hero, but he gets to decide that. No is always an option.