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I like animation. I’m a big Disney fan at 36 and my favourite show on TV right now is probably The Amazing World of Gumball. One of my big dreams is to have Neko the Kitty adapted into a motion picture which kinda misses the point of the comics but is still good. I don’t have the time or budget to make it myself, but I like doing little animation loops. This one actually had a couple of more frames in the rough drafts but I liked the speed of just the 3 frame loop.

I like animation loops because they give the reader some control over what’s happening in the comic. How long does Neko keep slapping Keno’s face for? It’s a loop. You’ve scrolled down the page to read this, but it’s still going up there. Stick around, leave a comment, Neko loves slapping him some Keno face and the more people stick around the more he gets to do it.

Neko’s my Lawful Evil character, but he’s not unsentimental.


Actually while we’re here, I’d like to get started on Top Web Comics again, so if you can go ahead and vote below that’d be great. I’ll do up a forum avatar of the slap for the vote incentive so you can just save it on your mouse.


Thanks for supporting Neko the Kitty


I’ve been off Top Web Comics for a little while, but it was a good source of traffic back on the old site and was a nice way I could see people supporting Neko the Kitty. It’s the crisp high five of internet interactions, it’s like a retweet or when someone shares something you posted on Facebook and you get that little notification and Neko’s still slapping away up there and Keno’s being awfully stoical about it.