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OK, let’s talk strategy.

So you need to do two things to successfully execute any plan:

  1. Come up with a plan
  2. Do the plan

Yes, that’s overly simplistic but you’d be amazed at how often people skip one or both of those stages. So let’s start from the start. How do we come up with a marketing plan?

Simple answer: steal one

There’s a time and a place for creativity and originality in marketing, but it isn’t at the starting position. Your content should be creative and have some sort of emotional appeal, your spreadsheets…not so much a necessity.

For our series on marketing for webcomics we’re assuming one person with entry-level skills, not a whole lot of budget, and maybe not much time for marketing on top of making the actual comic and, you know, having a life.

Here’s the thing about marketing though: 90% of it is pretty much basic admin work. It’s not rocket science, and rocket science is WAY easier using a computer. You don’t even need all the spreadsheets you can download from the link above, which deal with budgets and team management and whatnot.

I’m going to give you the marketing templates link again, go ahead and get the Marketing Plan template, the Social Media Marketing Plan template, and the Marketing Schedule template. You can download the rest if you want, but for one person those three should be plenty to get going with. They’re actually fairly self-explanatory but going over them quickly is a nice easy blog entry for next time 😛