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Pretty sure “Kill Everyone” actually IS the kind of thing an angel would encourage, but my main source on that is Supernatural.


Blog-wise we’re still in the introductory stages of our series on marketing for webcartoonists. This website has been up for about a month with fairly little fanfare and according to our analytics, we’ve had a little over 200 unique visitors in the last 7 days with an average of about 30 a day. That’s fairly standard for a new website that hasn’t received a lot of promotion. If I were a musician playing in the street that’s a bunch of people slowing down as they walk past with a couple who have stopped to listen for a while and a handful who have dropped money in the hat (thanks, guys!)

So there are a couple of things we can do to grow the audience at this point – engage with readers and creators on social media, set up mirror sites for NtK Comics on popular webcomic platforms and toplists, add entries on TVTropes, “Like and Share” competitions.

I’ve actually been working on a commission though so have left writing my blog entry a little late. Up next: Planning!