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I actually started this story before I was made redundant, so it’s not autobiographical. Please stop trying to hit me up for connections.


The real hero of the Harry Potter books is Hermione (everyone knows it). Harry’s got a lot of raw talent, but he’s mostly just lucky, and Ron’s mostly just there. Those are wonderful things to have in your friends, but most of the actual wizarding that really helps everyone is on Hermione. The take away is not to underestimate the awesome power of Homework.

I think things through much more clearly when I’m writing them down, so while I’m looking for marketing work I’m going to be talking about marketing on a budget for webcomic artists. This accomplishes three things

  1. Site Content is easier to generate when you have something to write about
  2. Nothing helps you understand a theory better than explaining it
  3. I think I’ve got some fairly solid advice to give
  4. I was always good at homework and hiring managers like people who are good at things (and who over-deliver)


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I don’t have to make it, I just have to make it ’til I get a job