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If a cat sits on your chest and backs their asshole up towards their face, it has entirely different social connotations to when you do it. Apparently, it’s just them being friendly. “Hey smell my ass” is a greeting. Dogs do it too, it’s just that cats are better climbers.

Our little cat, Ollie, has a terrible habit of farting when she’s happy. Ollie starts purring as soon as you look at her, and goes into paroxysms of bliss whenever Paige is devoting 100% of her attention to petting her. She rolls around all purry, and she’s happyed herself off the couch enough times that that’s what we call it. And she’ll back her booty up towards Paige’s face.

And Paige has learned to back away, ’cause Ollie gets so happy, her booty shouts “HOORAY!”

And it’s stinky, and it sticks around.

Ollie’s our horrible little princess.