Neko Cooper

According to himself, the Undisputed Master of Existence. Neko likes sleep and food and attention and would prefer not to go on adventures when he can just lie about having gone on adventures. Neko has an active imagination and likes science fiction and fantasy novels, which he keeps stashed under the couch for when Alice isn’t looking.







Maisy Andersen

The cat next door, Neko’s best friend and the mother of his kittens, Maisy was born feral and is just super super good at murdering things. She lives with Sarah but spends most of her time outdoors.






One of Neko and Maisy’s litter, when Poe was just a kitten he was sucked into a magical summoning conduit by accident and gained minor demonic powers, including levitation, telekinesis, and speech. Then he got hold of some Dragon Tears and turned into a Demigod of Elemental Chaos until a needlessly complicated subplot robbed him of ALL his magical powers, and turned him back into a kitten again. He’s actually nearly six years old!






Alice Cooper

Neko’s human, Alice found Neko when she was still in college and kept him secret for years until she found out the RA really didn’t give a shit. Alice studied literature and history and surprised herself by living long enough to regret it. She was a punk chick in the 00’s and has outgrown most of the philosophy if somewhat less of the aesthetic.

She has heard every possible joke there is to be made about her name.






Ellen Brickley

Alice’s roommate used to pride herself on being a bitch while being incredibly self-conscious about hurting anyone’s feelings.

Ellen doesn’t drink during the day any more, but her knitting habit is starting to get out of control.








Sarah Andersen

Maisy’s human lives in the penthouse of the building next door to Alice and Ellen, and always seems to have the latest gadgets and video games despite never seeming to do any actual work or go outside. She’s into Star Trek and PC strategy games and is quite possibly from a different comic entirely.