I’m not sure how badly a comic called ‘Neko the Kitty’ needs an ‘about’ page given how completely the title explains the premise, but here we are.

Neko the Kitty started way back in 2002 as a somewhat misguided attempt to impress girls in college. It got…really weird over the years so this site is a reboot. You can read the original 1000+ comic run here, everything that happened in the original series has still happened but the current series is intended to stand alone.

Neko (pronounced, incorrectly, “Nee-Ko”) is a cat like any other cat. He possesses human-level intelligence just like your cat, and chooses not to use it for any discernible purpose. He likes food and sleep and reads science fiction and fantasy novels when he thinks nobody’s looking.

Neko lives with Alice Cooper, a Xennial punk who’s heard every possible joke there is to be made about her name, and her roommate Ellen Brickley, who went through a rough patch a couple of years back but is doing much better now.