Mmmm Diet Purple. Tastes like regular purple only, somehow, even faker.

So the relocation is proceeding, although not so smoothly as might have been hoped. We’ve found an apartment that’s within our budget and really nice. It’s a ways out of town but there’s a ferry dock right outside so Paige can get the ferry into work. We have a balcony leading off the bedroom with a view of the bridge and the ocean on either side, it’s lovely. Also unfurnished, but the landlord and landlady are very nice, an older Italian gentleman and his wife who’s from New York originally. They made us a pie 🙂

Of course, Aleister managed to cat-unhelpful the move in a pretty spectacular fashion.

There was a little AirB’n’B dickery with the place we were originally staying in, and we had to move the next day as opposed to this coming weekend. It was fine, we had just bought a bed and installed it in the new place with the landlords’ approval, and then got the call. New landlords approved moving in earlier than originally agreed and we hustled to get everything that we had in the starting cottage packed away.

And then Aleister managed to strip the skin off the last inch of his tail.

He wasn’t apparently *hurt* by this injury, he was playing in his tower and looking for cuddles, we just noticed little spots of blood around the place and then saw the little slender bit of bone sticking out the end. I’ll not post the injury picture here, but here he is post-operation.

Aside from the funny-looking shaved bit of (now slightly shorter) tail he’s fine, but the operation was expensive (Bermuda’s an expensive place) and on top of the international move, the bed, and deposit plus first month’s rent on the new place we’re… well we’re running a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs, so please help out if you can (sharing totally counts)