So I’m releasing by strip but still drawing by page, and the benefit of being a couple of pages ahead is that if I want to release two strips at once for the purposes of timing then I can do so. 

So I finished Twilight Princess with about 38 hours on the clock. That’s more than I’ll normally put into a game so it’s good Zelda. Dungeons took a good couple of hours to clear each but I don’t think I ever actually died, so it’s not a hard game but the challenge kept me going to the end, and the bosses were cool even if I came out of them relatively unscathed most of the time.

I’ve been playing Crypt of the NecroDancer on Steam lately, it’s a rhythm-action roguelike with awesome dance music. Kind of a cool story: The NecroDancer has stolen your heart. You’re not dead yet, but you need your heart back. Move with the beat or your heart stops beating and you die, survive the NecroDancer’s dungeon to win back your heart and your life.

It’s fun but very intense and I’m shit at it. They’ve added a playable character called Bard who isn’t bound by the move-with-the-beat rules, you move and then enemies move. It’s so you can learn enemy movement patterns when you’re playing the main game but is also a good game in its own right.

Checking my ‘Prizes’ folder I don’t have a copy of NecroDancer to give away. I’ve got The Count Lucanor, which is getting a release on Switch and has received generally favourable reviews.

I actually didn’t like it that much myself, I found the character walked much too slowly, but plenty of people dig it so leave a comment if you want a copy (I’ve only got one mind)