Ellen can manage short distances on crutches but it’s generally more convenient for her to use her chair. This is pretty common for disabled people, which, like literally everything else about humanity, is a position on a spectrum rather than an all-or-nothing deal.

I’m very gradually getting more comics made. I actually had Alice running around after Neko up on Patreon a while ago but didn’t have dialogue for it, I ended up deleting a bunch of panels and drawing in new ones when I remembered there are more than two characters in this thing. It’s the person Ellen’s named after’s birthday today (she was the first person to send me an email saying they liked Neko) so I wanted to get the one with her namesake up seeing as the scene had popped into my head in time to draw it. I’m doing a bit better in my brain lately so I’m going to work on scripts following the plot outline I have today and see what happens.

As is usual for whenever I get back into NtK after taking a break, I’ve been working on a side project – this time a days-of-the-week comic for younger readers. It’s called Eg and Sossidge and it’s on Webtoons, though I may move it to somewhere that lets you schedule posts. It’s mostly an exercise in cute. Every day Eg and Sossidge do something different, there’s no dialogue, just captions saying what day it is and what they’re doing. They’re catching butterflies today. It’s nice, doesn’t require the cynicism it takes to write a good Neko the Kitty script.